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Looking to Buy a Home at Vancouver?

Vancouver, Canada, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With the amazing greenery, mountains and the scenic environment no wonder so many people want to live in this city. If you’re one them looking to buy a home in Vancouver, use these tips to find the best real estate agent in Vancouver. Watch out for prices. They can vary by location. Areas such as the …

Real Estate Agent

4 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

There are many agencies that are ready to assist both buyers and sellers through the real estate transaction, which may make you wonder what a real estate agent in Vancouver can do to help. There is obviously a necessity to pay commissions but it’s definitely worth it as they can be invaluable in the real estate business. Real estate agents are experts in price determination. The …

Perfect Vancouver Real Estate Agent

Find the Perfect Vancouver Real Estate Agent

If you are thinking about buying or selling property, you should hire a professional real estate agency in Vancouver BC to help you with the task. While you can look for properties online or post your ad for selling on many portals, you might get a better response with the right real estate agent. The property markets in Vancouver can be quite confusing and may be better handled …

Vancouver BC Real Estate for Buyers

Trends in Vancouver BC Real Estate for Buyers

If you are considering buying real estate in Vancouver, you must know that the real estate market here is quite different compared to any other Canadian city. Innovation drives the trends here, making the local architecture and constructions highly distinctive. We bring you some of the top trends in the property market that will help you with your buying decision: 1. Be Ready For …

Why is Real Estate in BC so expensive

Why is Real Estate in BC so expensive?

There are numerous reasons why Real Estate in BC is expensive and economists, speculators, and government officials have tried numerous equations and explanations to try to pinpoint why our province is in such high demand. We are neither of the three listed professions but we are Realtors and we have experience in a fluctuating market where the media reports a bubble but prices continue …

MLS Vancouver

Why is MLS Vancouver important, what is it? A how-to-g...

Most likely every Realtor and property owner you have spoken to refers to the mythical MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as the ultimate tool for finding a home in Vancouver. You might be wondering what is this powerful tool and why is it that when you google “MLS Vancouver” you do not come to a site that says “MLS” like you requested. It is because …

Real Estate in Vancouver

Buying Your First Piece of Real Estate in Vancouver

Your first home purchase is a fundamental and life changing moment that can only happen once. You need a sound approach, open communication, and a great REALTOR. All of these together will help negotiate and find your new home. Not ready to engage a REALTOR just yet? Just follow these steps to get yourself primed for this magical moment of purchasing Real Estate in …

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