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Why is MLS Vancouver important, what is it? A how-to-guide.

Posted by Aedis Realty on September 24, 2014
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MLS VancouverMost likely every Realtor and property owner you have spoken to refers to the mythical MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as the ultimate tool for finding a home in Vancouver. You might be wondering what is this powerful tool and why is it that when you google “MLS Vancouver” you do not come to a site that says “MLS” like you requested. It is because the MLS is a service that is only available to Realtors and their clients; however, there is a public version of the search tool but it restricts the amount of information that is available to you when searching. We have a public version of MLS available on our website so start browsing listings there by choosing bedrooms, bathrooms, and other customizable features to help you find your ideal home.

Now that you’re up to speed on the public and Realtor sides of MLS you’re probably wondering why it’s so important. Well, as you’re seeing in your own experience, MLS acts as the display suite for all for sale properties in Canada let alone Vancouver. Realtors from across the country can search listings in different municipalities. This gives Realtors a great tool to find clients potential homes as well as download any information that pertains to the subject property; this information includes tax and assessment history, photos, and additional documents. That is the sort of information that isn’t available to the general public and why engaging with a Realtor in your home search is imperative to your home buying success.

It is time for you to get the most out of MLS as both a seller and a buyer. As a Seller you want your Realtor to put as much information into the listing as possible. Anything and everything you have to support why your property is worth every cent you should ensure to pass on to your Realtor. As a Realtor who is representing a buyer with a special request (i.e. Gas Appliances and Tool shed) may be specifically searching for a property with those exact things and if your Realtor has not included those features you may miss out on a potential buyer! As a Buyer, you have your needs and wants; your Realtor can specify in the home search those points of desire and match the search to exactly what you are looking for. However, to harness the power of the MLS you need to communicate clearly and concisely. We suggest to our clients that they pick three to five must haves and then we base our search off of that to cast a precise net that finds our Buyer their perfect home.

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