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4 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Aedis Realty on December 6, 2015
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There are many agencies that are ready to assist both buyers and sellers through the real estate transaction, which may make you wonder what a real estate agent in Vancouver can do to help. There is obviously a necessity to pay commissions but it’s definitely worth it as they can be invaluable in the real estate business.

  1. Real estate agents are experts in price determination. The moment they see a property, they can give an estimate of the property value. While buyers and sellers go through the listings and look at the prices of the properties, a real estate agent can tell if any property is overpriced or underpriced.
  2. Real estate agents are good negotiators between the buyers and sellers. A good agent can tactically protect the interests of both buyers/sellers throughout the negotiation.
  3. Buyers sometimes don’t notice damage to the property they are considering buying, and even if they do, they may hesitate to speak up about it to the seller. A good agent can help you spot any damage and requests the seller repair it.
  4. Handling contracts & related formalities can be very hard work. Agents, having an expertise in it, and can make the paperwork effortless. They ensures both the buyer and seller benefit from the transaction.

When you have decided to buy or sell a property, think about a real estate agent in Vancouver. You can trust them to help make your real estate transaction a breeze.

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